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The Myth of Spot Reduction – Consider Genetics, Nutrition, Age, Gender & Fitness Conditioning

So you want to Spot Reduce...
Spot Reduction

As a fitness trainer, these are the most requested goals from my clients ‘I want a flat stomach...toned legs... sculpted arms (specifically triceps) and a firmer, rounder buttocks.’

Wanting to target specific areas in the body to tone and decrease body fat would be considered 'Spot Reduction.'

Where do you store your fat? This depends on your genetics, your gender and age. As we age, men generally carry more fat around the mid-section and women in their hips & thighs. In order for you to achieve your goals, you will require a low body fat and be predisposed to an equal amount of body fat distribution all over your body.

What exercises should I be including in my workouts? Use more muscle groups in your workouts such as squats, lunges, planks and push-ups, you will burn more calories, because it requires more energy to build these muscles. With combination of full body movements, high intensity training and a lean diet (lean protein and vegetables) you can achieve a lower percentage body fat. You may not lose weight BUT you will lean out, as you body fat % will decrease and lean muscle will increase resulting in an increased metabolism.

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