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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What clothing and footwear should I wear?
    It is best to wear comfortable, breathable excercise clothing and appropriate footware; depending on the activity you have registered for i.e. hiking, power walking or circuit classes. Check the weather for the day and dress appropriately for the activity. If you have any questions please email Mary.
  • Is parking available?
    Yes, street parking is available at our meeting locations, and parking is free of charge.
  • Do we walk when it's raining?
    Rain in Vancouver is part of life, and we try to keep to our regular schedule so in most cases we walk in light rain. If it is heavy rain and unsafe to pursue the outdoor activity due to muddy conditions we will cancel and reschedule the workout. In light rain scenarios, we may have to forgo the mat component of the class which mean we could shift stretch and toning time to become a longer walking time.
  • Do I need to bring a yoga mat for stretching?
    Yes, please bring a yoga mat or alternative for the stretching time. The grass can be wet so we do recommend a yoga mat to stay dry.
  • Do I need to bring water and a towel?
    A water bottle and towel are a must! Most people bring water, some bring a towel. You can keep the towel in your car trunk if you prefer to use it after the walk.
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